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01. Who we are

Welcome to Konozee, your number one source of buying products online. We are dedicated to providing you the very best of service, with an emphasis on:
1. Quality
2. Speed of delivery
3. Innovative Technologies
4. Support in case you find issues
Konozee is an Arabic term that means “My Treasures”. MAUJ group launched this brand with an intention to revamp the eCommerce experience of customers and suppliers. Directors of MAUJ have collective experience of over 50 years in the areas of eCommerce, electronic payment, delivery, and fulfillment.
MAUJ Group is a part of bigger global group AUJ GROUP. AUJ Group runs the business operations in various related technologies including Software Development, Mobile Apps & Games, Electric Vehicles, Call Center and Delivery using Electric Vehicles.
Konozee will use innovative technologies like AI, Live Streaming, GPS tracking to give next generation world class experience of eCommerce to buyers and sellers.

02. What we do

Konozee differentiates others in this space by bridging gaps in the digital/eCommerce Industry with its unique offerings like:
- Live Commerce, same experience for customers as in shop
- B2B and B2C eCommerce, they are inherently integrated
- Next day delivery with its own courier service Hawai using eBikes
- Early Settlement with sellers
- Best Rates, offers, coupons and discounts
- Comparison of the same product from different vendors
Mauj Group is a project of AUJ Group. Some other projects of AUJ Group includes Electric Bikes, Super Cell based on Graphene, and Hawai courier service.

03. Contact us